Springtime in New York

Each visit to New York City gives me the chance to dig deeper into the flower business and into the richness of life.  Tulips, Hyacinths and Amaryllis are at the end of their season.  Peonies, Sweet Peas, Viburnum and Lisianthus are coming into their season. 

Etched Salmon Peonies New York City Flower Market New York City Flower Market Peony

Wedding flowers are big business.  Pale colored peonies, roses and ranunculus sell out fast. 

The best way to see New York is on foot. I walk up to 40,000 steps a day exploring the diverse neighborhoods and parks, bagel shops, delis, Italian bakeries, pizzerias and noodle shops. 

Fortunato Bakery  Russ and Daughters  Mark Joseph Steakhouse
New York has 28,000 acres of municipal parks.  This trip, I explored Prospect Park, designed by the same team who designed Central Park, Domino Park in Williamsburg on the East River, and the Memorial Meadows. 
Prospect Park Domino Park Naval Memorial Sacred Grove Park Slope

On the way to the airport at the end of my visit, I talked to my cab driver, a native New Yorker. I remarked at how vibrant and thriving New York felt, not at all like what is on the front pages of the news. He said "New York can never die. There is just too much energy".


New York City


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