About Us

Cultivars is a purveyor of fine cut flowers. We specialize in seeking out the best and most unique in the world.

Cultivars delivers extraordinary single variety grower bunches directly to the customer.  We ship the flowers in their original packaging from the source, rose farms in Ecuador and Colombia or the Dutch Flower Auction in Aalsmeer, Holland.

A typical flower arrangement from a retailer starts with flowers being harvested in Colombia or Ecuador and packaged and shipped by air into a Miami warehouse.  The flowers are sold to a wholesaler. They are loaded on a truck in Miami and delivered to the wholesaler's warehouse. From a wholesaler, the flowers go to a retailer. At the retailer, the flowers are re-arranged, re-packaged and sent to the customer. In this case, a good part of the life of the flower is spent in transit. Cultivars flowers are packaged at the farm (or the Dutch Auction) and shipped to YOUR door.

Cultivars finds and delivers superior blooms, while minimizing transit and packaging waste.  We think you will notice the difference in the quality and longevity of the flowers. 

Beautify your world with Cultivars.